Acidic Water

What is Acidic Water?

Acid water is water that has a potential hydrogen (pH) reading less than 7. On the pH scale, water is neutral at 7, acidic at less than 7 and alkaline at more than 7. The lower the pH number is, the more acidic the water is. Although acidic water is not dangerous to drink, it is corrosive and destructive for your home.

Where Does Acid Water Come From?

Acid water comes from acidic rainfall, airborne pollutants, composition of soil and bedrock (which groundwater runs through), coal mine drainage, chemical dumping, plant decomposition, local flooding, and other natural disasters. Acidic water lets metal ions such as iron, manganese, copper, lead and zinc to leach into the water, causing elevated levels of toxic metals in the water.

Signs You Have Acidic Water

blue stain - acidic water

Blue Staining

If you have copper pipes and you have acidic water, you will see blue-green stains in your bathtub, shower, sinks, or fixtures. This is the chemical reaction of the acid in the water and the copper in the pipes that create these stains.

rust stains - acidic water

Rust Staining

If you have iron pipes and you have acidic water, you might see rust stains as well. Again, the acid in the water chemically reacts with the iron in the pipes, creating red-brown rust stains in your bathtub, fixtures, sinks, etc.

pinhole leaks - acidic water

Pinhole Leaks

Acidic water can corrode your pipes and cause pinhole leaks, which will cost you a lot of money!

Low Water Pressure

You could see low water flow or pressure because the acidic water is accelerating the deterioration of your pipes.

Bad Taste

If you have a metallic or sour taste in your water, then you could have acidic water. Fruit that tastes sour, like lemons, have a lot of acidity in them. Similarly, water with acid in it tastes sour.

Acidic water problems can affect your home or business in many different ways. First Class Mechanical has the right water treatment equipment for every situation to resolve acid water and stop erosion.

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